Canon Conan Lore People

I’m wondering who all read the books and knows the lore. I would like to gather some of us up and talk/hangout. Not necessarily trying to accomplish anything just want to find people who know the books and want to talk about it.


And then there’s the question of what exactly is canon :wink:

Only the RE Howard stories? What about the ones that are mostly RE Howard but completed by deCamp or Carter? What about their additions to the saga? Or the Robert Jordan Books? Or the Marvel Comic? Or the Arnie film(s)? (Or the newer film). Personally I enjoy ‘any’ of the lore and would enjoy chatting about it (or about specified areas of it), but like @Halk says, that could be a deep rabbithole there :smiley:

(I figure from the tone of your post that you’re more interested in the actual discussion than the specific content, which is cool - it could be nice having an ongoing thread of lore discussions - just trying to pre-empt what I see as a likely argument that could arise :slight_smile: )


Hey Anglinex,

See Useful links on the wiki for the fan-made Conan Exiles RP Discord and Site.


I have read Robert E Howard Conan and Kull books, and also Lovecrafts, which was a frequent letter pal and they had a good exchange of contributions.

But I dread Marvel and Cinematic Conan.

Canon is exactly what it is defined by. For example, Robert Conan Canon will exclude things that were “made up” without actual work of his. Many of his unpublished works were published afterwards, even in the 50s and 60s, while works from Earlier times have nothing to do with the World he created.

You can have the Marvel Conan Canon, which is the Marvel expansion of the World, which takes the Robert Conan Canon into it, and introduced a lot of (insert here the word for ideas that bear no resemblance with something a reasonable person would come up with).

And then you have the Canon as used by X or Y server, which is their thing, like mine is my thing.

While you can specifically not consider or change things to your take on the stories and make it your “idea of Canon”, it will not be part of the “Canon of Robert E Howard’s Conan”.

Even the most known example of Canon, the Bible, is not referred to as “Canon” by itself, but in Eclesiastic Works it is referred to as the Canon according to X, Y or Z. They have registers of how it was before the several Councils that changed it to what it is today.

So, yes, there is something as “Canon” as definitive concept. lol

My take on it and how I make my mods and stories, and takes into consideration that which I take into consideration, and that then becomes the Canon According to Me. I know where it begins and where it ends, and I dont assume my take is the “correct” or the “most reasonable”, it is just my take.

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Only Howard’s books. Because I say so. That makes it canon. Anyone disagreeing with me is wrong because I say so.

(I’m trying to learn the Internet Way of Debating where one needs no explanations, no proof and nothing else to support one’s claims. How am I doing?)


On initial reading I was going to say you are doing well, but @drachenfeles has clearly showed I was being too optimistic. Evidently I too need some practice.

I’ve only seen the Books Howard wrote himself. I’ve herd about the comics and I know other people wrote other books. Given that Howard never gave anyone permission to continue his stories (That I know of) I would only consider his work to be Cannon.

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