Cant access any servers

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Crash | Bug | Performance]
Region: [NorthAmerics]

[Purchased game and DLC pack for the game and now I’m unable to connect to any online servers. Extremely disappointed in the developers for not fixing this issue and dissatisfied with the game considering I cant access anything to play
Would like to know when the dev’s think this issue is going to be fixed]

Steps on how to reproduce issue: online server
2.get sent to menu and told lost connection to host

Hello @IHFHI, welcome to the forums!

Were you ever able to connect to any server and could you also ensure that your console is on a wired connection?

Are you able to successfully load into a singleplayer session and, if so, can you try connecting to one of the official servers right after?

If possible, we’d also appreciate that you share the specific server numbers for any servers that you’re unable to connect to.

hi im on xbox and ive had a this message but it is only when I am downloading another game or update simultaneously

I can’t get into any servers either

Yes I have accessed servers online and on single player. Uninstalled and reinstalled game and still cant seem to access servers I have played on with no problem before. Didnt have anything downloading in the background and settings haven’t changed at all since I was able too connect to servers. Hoping there will be a fix soon if not would like some form of compensation considering the game seems to be broken and havent heard anything about any fixes on the way

As far as server names and numbers I literally cant access any. That includes official and non official servers. Been trying to access servers previously played on and servers iv never played and seem to have the same problem no matter what I do

It might help to reinstall the game, most of the time it’s better to reinstall the game instead of updating it when update comes out. Please don’t forget it forgets your server history for example.

This works for me.

There are no issues on our end regarding the XBOX servers so it’s possible that this might be linked to connectivity issues between your ISP and the server provider.

Could you ensure that your console is on a wired connection?

Have you tried to run a multiplayer connection test?

Also, please check out what is your current NAT type:

Definitely not a internet issue. I find it funny that it worked completely fine before you patch now I cant access anything. Re installed the game and still have the same issue and fron what I have read I’m not the only one. Would be interested to see how you fix it but so far you are losing a paying customer

Definitely not a internet issue.

I believe you, but how do know? :slight_smile:

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