Can't Attack or Equip Weapons (XBOX ONE)

I’m persistently having issues with every server i join, as to where once ive played for a certatin amount of time and reach between level 20-30 my characters ability to either attack or equip any weapons is disabled despite my multiple efforts to trouble shoot, and restart. unfortunately the only way im able to play again is restarting my character either on the same server or on another. unfortunately, im having this issue across the board on PVP and PVE making it impossible for me to progress through any stages of the game. Developers please, if your reading this we really need this fixed asap so we can continue to enjoy the conan experience

Had the same issue yesterday. Temporary fix I found was empty your inventory into a box, kill self, put a food item as your top wheel item then put other objects where ever. Make sure food is always at top or it does it again.