Cant connect to public beta EU or US server

Hi does everyone else have issue connecting to Public beta after chapter 3 release, i would love to save all the stuff i sorted in chests, in my bodyvault to be ready for next testing, any news on this?

As far as I know the beta is over, chapter 3 has been released so the “public beta” will be shut down till the next chapter is ready to test.

Yeah I have been trying to do the same so that I wouldn’t have to start completely over with next beta test, but if they still keep the test servers at the same low maintenance level as they did during chapter 3 test then it is no wonder that less people are helping them test their upcoming updates :roll_eyes:

True, and for some strange reason servers seems to be online, so… time will kill our builds and named thralls in workstations and what not, but no chance to save our weeks of evolving, they need us to test, but forget us when they are done

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Seems like the server is running, with no players on

Public beta is over. Those are ghost players. You are being shown old info.

They wont be back up till the next chapter is ready.

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