Public Beta Client - Test Live 81.24 GB?

I just started downloading an update to the PC public beta client. Does anyone know what changes in the game this update brings?

no i think they are preparing for the next big test beta we are allmost 2 weeks away frome the end of chapter 4 if we follow the 3 months chapter

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Well, my download just finished, so I guess I’m about to find out as I log in to take a look around. I’ll report back if I see anything interesting or new.


that will be nice

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LOL. Guess it’s still too early. I get to the Server selection screen and there are zero servers listed. Guess I’ll just have to wait a bit longer.

have to tryed singleplayer

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yah i just came to forum to check to see if anyone else has any info since my testlive is updating
i was kind of hoping they would push back this 3 month schedule by a bit, seeing as they added a fourth age my hope was the bean counters at the top were maybe gonna give the devs more time to cook stuff before pushing out the half-baked bread, but we shall we what we shall see.

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i do hope get the new chapter story her in the early next month becus this chapter is so boring and we need it

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I just want them to fix the falling damage bug.

yah i’d rather the devs have time to get it right tho. chapter 4 was a mostly content-less stopgap so they would have the time to do what was needed, i just hope they actually give us something that isn’t broken. we shall see what we shall see.

i wish it too i allso hope if the gonna extend the nect story chapter they gonna make the beta test longer

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What it means is, I need to get the mowing done :laughing:
The forum is about to light up with flash testlive experiences, and spoilers.
In a few days we will see a flood of “new content videos”. The actual purpose of hypethenextbuildlive servers.

ETA and a test live update. may just be a bunch of hot fixes for live to come out later this week.
And I’ll lose 30lbs while mowing too.

we hire a neighbor kid to mow our lawn :wink:

It’s a bit wet to more, but I’d like to get the yard done today; about 2 hours of mowing that I used ta could do. Push mowing.


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its becuse they have not put the changes in yet all the new things

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And here comes another one. I’d do some more mowing but my mower deck looks like it’s covered with guacamole; need to hose it off.

Hey there, sorry for any alarm/potential disappointment. During an update to the Launcher, an old build was incorrectly committed to the Public Beta branch which would result in you downloading a bunch of data. (To clarify; there is not a new version of the game out on the Public Beta.)

The version error has been reversed on our end, but anyone who already downloaded the “update” will have to re-download, as what you did download won’t actually function.

That said, we do have an update headed to the Live game soon. Keep an eye out. :stuck_out_tongue:



thx so much to get us a noticed :smiley:


Everything so magenta.
Guess I’ll poke around.