Cant learn sorcery at shaleback hollow

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I learned o Siptah I sure some can help :relieved:

Have you traveled all the way to the back of that cave? There is a thaumaturg’s bench with a tome on it. If you access that, you are going to gain basic knowledge in sorcery.

You know that you have found the right spot when it says (while searching the shaleback cave) “Kurak’s Cave”. Beware, though, that you have to get past all the shalebacks in there, and since they are tough opponents, you’d better run for it. Fortunately they won’t be able to follow you to the workbench.

Yes i have gone up to the bench but it only gives me the book not the staff and knowledge.

That is all you get; unless you jump down and clime the falls; several cheats back there. But that book gave you the knowledge to use the build hammer to make your sorcery bench, and then you can make your wand and unlock spells

I cant craft the bench because i dont have Basic Sorcery (Knowledge), nor is there any tab for it on my knowledge section.

Have you tired the build hammer under sorcery?

Yes only my golem stations are there to build, no bench.

This happened after i had already learned it but later that day the game froze while i was logging out and when i went back to the game i had lost some progress and it was gone from my knowledge.

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Could you please post a picture of the Crafting category within the hammer´s menu?

Go all the way to the bottom, 3rd option from bottom up (sorcery) and take the screenshot.


Greetings Exiles,

Thank you for your assistance thus far. @Conan3 please reply to @MightyZeus latest message.

Also, please share what game mode you are on. If you’re on an official server please share its number and your character/clan names.

We await your reply.

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Ps4 single player?

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