Where can I get sorcery staff?

I went to Shakeback Hollow cave and got the staff and pages etc., but on the way back i died in the cold and could not get my body because it was invisible,like most things nowadays. Lol

So i went back to the cave hoping to grab everything again,but this time all i got was a Tome.

Where else can i find a ataff, pouch and pages?


Might be intentional. The tome is the only “irreplaceable” item. Once you make the thaumaturgy bench you can craft a new staff. And you can craft pouches at an alchemist bench. Only the tome cannot be crafted.

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But is the cave the only location to get the staff?

Thabks for helping

Initially. But once you get it the first time you also learn a recipe for making the thaumaturgy bench. If you lose the staff, you are supposed to make a new staff at the thaumaturgy bench that you build. You also need the thaumaturgy bench to research new spells so if you want to do sorcery, you need to build that bench.

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Also. That cave is the only place to get the tome so if you lose the tome, you need to go back and get it from the cave. If you are in a clan and lose your tome, but another clanmate has it and it is in the thaumaturgy bench, then you should be able to learn spells from that tome and do not need to go back to the cave.

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I thought Shaleback Hollow was in a southern zone, or am I wrong?

You can craft a new staff at the thaumaturgy bench, and pouches from an alchemist bench.

How did you die to cold coming from a southern desert location?

Today I thought I saw the exact same kind of table at Talier’s berth (the jungle), but with NPCs around. So it could be it was just a sorcerer spawn spot instead of a place to unlock sorcery. I was low lvl and running through the map so I didn’t stop to examine more closely.

Even if it would unlock sorcery, I dont think anybody in their right mind would travel there for it…

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