Sorcery recipes not unlocking

So I went and unlocked sorcey got the tomb and staff but it didn’t unlock the thaumaturgy bench recipe decided to admin my self a bench but when I reached the page I should unlock the power circle and sacrifice stone I didn’t get the recipes for them either any ideas to fix this

Yes! They are in the construction hammer under Crafting Stations (middle tab on top) and Sorcery

No they are not there also havent showed up in knowledge

In that case, do you have any mods that mess with sorcery / recipies etc?
You could try disabling your mods and then using the book again in the cave just to see if it changes anything.

No mods full vanilla

You didn’t make the bench with the construction hammer?

No as i never got the recipe checked like 10 times looked everywhere so ended up using admin to get one so i could proceed but now not getting the other recipes… its my second time doing sorcery on my last game no problem recipes showed up and crafted everything fine so i kno where they should show up, i never had the notification for the recipe either just the spells

Greetings Bfglive!
Welcome to our forums and thank you for reporting your situation regarding the sorcery recipes.

In order for us to properly understand the issue, could you tell us if you had attempted sorcery before in that game where you’re at? It is your second time as you said you’ve attempted it in your last game, but on your current game is it the first time?

Thank you in advance!

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