Can't make an improved bandage

I can’t make an improved bandage in my alchemy workbench for whatever reason, no active mods or something, I’ve already tried a level 3 alchemist and it still doesn’t work. Question: do I have to research something or defeat a boss so that I can manufacture it or is it a bug

Do you have to be a certain level to make them ?

yes you have to, I also have the level and yes also researched it.

Alchemist thralls aren’t necessary, nor does any boss need to be killed first.

The requirements are level 35, the Numbing Wraps feat, an Alchemist’s Bench, and all the ingredients.

You should first make sure you definitely have the feat, make sure you are at an Alchemist’s Bench and not a Firebowl Cauldron, then check your Alchemist’s Bench to see if you have any filters turned on.

Is the recipe not showing in the bench at all or is it just not letting you craft it?

i have learned it and am standing at an alchemist’s table, i also see the bandage and have all the materials in it. only whenever you want to make it you get a notification such as “Cannot be made at the moment” but I go back to the game and see what a text message comes up there

Sounds like what happens if you try crafting a Lasting Feast. If that’s the case, then they may have broken more than just a few food recipes with the last update.

Object creation cannot be started is written there

are several recipes currently banned?

Not banned, several feasts were broken.

I just tried making some Numbing Wraps, and they crafted just fine, so it’s not that.

hm, don’t know what I’m doing wrong

Try picking up the Alchemist’s Bench and putting it back down.

I doubt it will make any difference in this case, but it won’t hurt to try either.

didnt work

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