Can't mine stone?

I’m online on ps4 on an official server. For the past 3 days when I try to mine stone nothing happens and I walk and swing my pick right through the stones…why is this game always soooo broken, its so frustrating.

farming sometime glitches. try hitting from different angles. If i cant get it after 5-6 swings I move along.

sometimes i get lag and it is glitchy like this, sometimes it fixes if i kill myself of teleport.

Log out and back in.

If you really want to report an issue here, this is not the procedure. Follow the steps that you must and make a proper report. Because the way you did it looks like ‘’ i want to complain but i don’t care if the problem is going to be fixed ‘’. Please follow the procedure, if you really love the game, thank you :wink:.

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