Can't place thralls, use teleporter or Sorcery (official)

We cannot place thralls or teleport around our base on server. Everything was fine but now we cant do anything. Our thralls are dotted around the map just so we can hope to keep some instead of them all being killed in one spot thats not at base.

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Is there anyone from Funcom that can help with this? Its still the same and its been days. Below is a screenshot of just one of the issues. Im stood next to the bench!

It seems that the same happens on all platforms, in some regions, such as volcano, it is possible to place benches, but minions protecting and activating spells cannot, the error of “being too far away” always appears. In reality, it seems like Funcom doesn’t care about the bugs, the best solution is to show them who pays the bills, just for the players to stop buying bazaar and they can fix the bugs.

Can I suggest posting under bug reports @serpabr wilko331984 @serpabr welcome to the Forum You could file a Zendesk report at Zendesk Funcom com. This seems to be a current issue. Might go on our private server tomorrow. Unfortunately just lost my best friend and wife not sure if I can but I want to build a monument up tword telith island for her so Might as well go further north. Will try and get back tomorrow if you don’t hear from me message.sorry hands not steady

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Yes, its around the volcano area. I even messaged them on X (twitter) and still got no reply from them. Its a joke. I wont be spending any more money on this game after this. Weve lost mostbof our thralls now because weve had to place them away from our main and we have hardly any at base and they cant move anyway.

Part of the problem looks like an issue I ran into. I find thralls getting stuck not moving. Took me awhile to figure it out. I had to kill all the npcs in the area of my thrall and set engagement to guard me. I think it has to do with an attack any engagement.

I used the workbench just fine, so that is different from OP.

Yes, we are suffering dufferent issues but at the same time, quite similar ones. Our thralls will just stop and not move at all when we get close to our main base which is still out of render at the time (that gives you a rough idea how big the area is thats affected). We had to place the thralls st other locations and now they’ve all been killed by other tribes. Our base is defensless becaise what thralls remain wont attack and we have hardly anything. A bug has literally killed our tribe off after 3 months of establishing ourselves on the server.

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