Can't place Vertical Elevators in the Exiled Lands, but Siptah is fine?

Basic Info:

Platform: Microsoft Store
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Map: Exiled Lands
Mods: None

When attempting to place a vertical elevator anywhere in my base at “Teleths Island” (H-8) I always get the building error “Unable to find a valid end location”. Horizontal Elevators don’t have any issues finding an end location. I’ve tested the same building on the Isle of Siptah and it works without any problems.

Looking into it, I found this post from another user, but it seems to of have been missed.

From I cant place "Elevator Vertical":

From this report, it sounds like theres some sort of special volume in the areas they listed thats interfering with elevator placement. I can also list the area between Skyholme Ruins and The Wardtowers in D-10 as another zone where placement is prevented.

Greetings @tobbiusness ,

Thank you for sharing this!

If you can, please, share with us your saved game and screenshots of the locations where you’re finding this issue.

If you prefer, you can send us those in private.

Hi @ZahMaiatt , thanks for the reply.

I’m unaware of any way to send over my save file as I’m playing on the Microsoft Store. I’m pretty sure the map saves are in a cloud I can’t access.

I can take screenshots for you though, so I’ll get some for you.

While gathering screenshots, I discovered I was only partially correct in my initial report.

It turns out the elevator frame has to be a certain distance above the natural terrain or its an invalid placement.

Showing that I cannot place an elevator within about 4 wall heights of the natural terrain

Demonstrating that with just a bit more height, I can place an elevator in the same spot.

Hey @ZahMaiatt. Did you see the new info?

In summary, vertical elevators can’t snap to a building location if its closer than 4-5 walls lengths from the natural terrain.

Thank you for sharing this, @tobbiusness !

Yes, indeed I saw the new info. :slight_smile:

I’ve shared it with the development team so they can further investigate.

Thank you again for sharing this and we wish you a great day!

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