Can't purchase Funcom points (payment history HTTP ERROR 500)

Is anyone else having this problem? When I go to account.ageofconan to purchase funcom points, I click the amount, click purchase, it says it works, but I never get the points (or get charged), and when I click on payment history I get an HTTP ERROR 500 “This page isn’t working”

I had that happen last week and used the other webpage successfully

Which page did you use?

There are two:



Hope that helps, good luck.

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Unfortunately neither work. The old one instantly fails the payment, even though the card works for everything else. I got it to work once a few days ago on a different browser (Firefox), but it no longer works on that.

Last time I bought FC points used the Old site (listed above) using Steam wallet and it worked fine. This was just before Onslaught mode was released.

Before that, tried the New site and it did not work.

It is absolute madness that there are two sites and so many problems with payments. I hope Funcom is working on it so we can spend money :moneybag:

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Me too - this same problem, they screw up something.
Yeah, its madness… When you do this something with this?
All payment are failed.

With all the reports of problems with billing, subs, and Funcom points one would want to assume Funcom is aware and working on a solution.

BUT it would really help for a Funcom customer service representative to acknowledge the issues and to let us know they are working on it. We need to have confidence in spending our money.


Got exactly the same problem yesterday, with new account page. HTTP error 500 page.

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