Cant see the player list

Hello exiles,
So after this last major patch, I was unable to use the in-game button B to see the player list of an online player playing on the server. Did something change regarding that since some people were complaining that the list would make it easy to raid people or is a bug?
Also when I approach another player crafting stations, although it will say open, I cannot interact or use them.
New feature or again bug?

Thank you.

I have spoke with multiple people on our server about this. Some have never lost the ability to see the player list using “B”, I however have as well. There isn’t a keybind in the settings to change or update either. Resetting to default in keybindings also does not work. Please help us with a solution :smile:

Press ESC, there is an option for Player List. For now that’s how you have to do it until the Keybinding is fixed.

You playing on a mod server? I play on an Offical PVE-C (1823) and dont have any problems with the “B” key, works just fine seeing ppls names etc…

It’s an official (1940 PVE-C). Some players have the ability to use “B” still, some do not. Unfortunately I do not. Having to hit escape and choose it is viable, but not convenient when you’ve trained yourself to use the hotkey.

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