Can't seem to find server after restart

Hey there, so the official server #6152 restarted a bit ago for isle of epitaph and I’ve relogged and refreshed and yet I still can find the server anywhere on the server list. Anyone got any ideas or know how?

There is a bug going around where servers aren’t appearing on the list, might be the issue. if you’re on PC you can try direct connecting to it with the IP and probably post it here for anyone else who runs into this issue but I don’t even know if officials have available IP’s. If nothing else works I would contact funcom at HTTP://HELP.FUNCOM.COM

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Go to your Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\ folder and open Game.ini file with a text editor.

You should see all the IPs and ports of servers you added to favorites. If you haven’t added any you can still view the IP and port of the server you were playing on last under [Saved Servers] LastConnected

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I found that by enabling “show invalid servers”, the officials will show, but they are all showing ping 9999, and I can’t actually select any of them to attempt to connect to them. Not a single official server is usable on my comp right now.

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