Lost officials servers


I started to play again on some official servers, but I lost all my “favourites” so now I don’t know anymore what level I am on what servers, the server list say at what level one is, but mine don’t show until I actually join, and it’s taking me ages to enter all the official to find those where I already reached endgame.
Is there a way to find my “old servers”?
Thank you in advance.

You can try Game.ini. I have the path to it here:

No, you didn’t understand, I’ll try to rephrase the question:

how do i find the servers i played 2 years ago where i reached endgame, because favourites tab is wiped?

I did understand, if you dont find them by sorting the server list by level, try checking your Game.ini file which may still have a list of them stored.


I deinstalled the game, and formatted…when i reinstalled they weren’t there…

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On console, it’s a matter of waiting for the history list to populate (I upgraded my SSD and lost the list), I am not sure if the favorites will work, but worth a try.

On pc, I play single player on linux via proton, and officials on windows. I tried to see if the linux copy had my old favourites servers, but it’s empty.

The last time I checked, the server list was notoriously buggy. It tends to return incorrect results when it comes to character level, among other things. I’m not sure, but I think that the results might be correct the first time you fetch the list after you start the game.

So I would recommend trying that approach: start the game, select “play online”, select the mode you want (i.e. PVE, PVE-C, or PVP), sort the list by character level, and wait (for-freaking-ever) until it finishes loading.



i think it will take u less time to create a new character and reach lvl 60 and do end game stuff rather than search every single server… XD so unless u body -vaulted , it s not worth it i think

I’ve never body vaulted, but yes I get what you mean.

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What’s that ? You can hide the body of those you kiilled in vaults ?

ha ha…


@Wolfrider4594 Body vaulting just means that the stuff that is on your character when you log out, remains until you log back in. The PvP community takes this to an extreme. @Ragnaguard was simply saying ‘forget about it, unless you had some really valuable stuff on your body.’


Thanks for the explanation.

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