Favorited offical server not showing up in list

Game mode: on line offical pve
Type of issue: other?
Server type: PvE
Region: america
Model of Xbox: Xbox one s

Bug Description:

The server My wife and I have been playing on for the last several weeks which we both made sure to favorite is not showing up at all for either of us. Unfortunately since it was always the only server on our favorite list I don’t know the # of the official server. It does not show up under history as well.

Expected Behavior:

I’d like to play the character I’ve been playing with that’s already leveled, in the base I’ve put a lot of time into building.

Steps to Reproduce:

Turn on either one of our xboxes. Start Conan exiles game. Select online. Select PvE. From the first drop down menu select “favorites”. Watch as the server doesn’t appear.

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Try filter drop field. Set it to history. You should see your server listed with a character lvl. It will prolly be incorrect information, stating lvl 40 or 25 or some random number. But your server can be tracked this way too

Nevermind, thats broken too…

Go to the history tab and make sure everything is set to “All” then wait 10-20 minute it will show up!

Filter: History
Combat Mode: All
Community: All
Region: All
Server population: All
Map Name: Any
Show full servers: Checked
Show private servers: checked.
Show invalid server: uncheck (for official servers)

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