Can't share certain keybinds between mount and on foot controls and heavy attacks get stuck when mounted

I have just tried playing single player with all mods unsubscribed.

I have sprint bound to the -left Ctrl- key,
Crouch bound to the -C- key,
Toggle walk bound to the -backspace- key
Block/offhand- bound to -left shift- key
Heavy attack bound to -RMB-

Heavy attacks wind up but get stuck and have to be unequipped.

When I try to rebind the mount sprint to -left Ctrl- I get a message that there is a conflict and it deletes my sprint input on my regular movement keys after giving a message about a conflict instead of keeping both keybindings like it does when there is a conflict with build mode keys.
The walk toggle function works with both movement and mounted mode, this function has no issues.

would also like to add to this alt key for sprint is not allowed on mount and player due to conflict.

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