Can't sprint and UI menus messed up!

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 3734

Bug Description:
I just logged in after downloading hot fix. I cannot sprint without holding down the left joystick and I can’t access certain menus at all like I can’t switch over to them in the UI. please help this is ridiculous.


You need to use the right thumb stick to move to an inventory menu. Then, if you need to craft, you need to used the right stick to move it again. It is awful.

And the hold to run is not comfortable whatsoever.

Fix one thing, break two.


Same here. The sprinting thing needs to be fixed. The horse is pretty much unridable.


I usually don’t complain and try to work around the limitations in the game. However, I’m on PS5 and I can’t toggle run with my L3. This needs to be fixed ASAP funcom. I would like to do some PVP and raiding tomorrow on my week end. Please at least role in a hotfix for the sprinting with L3. Has anybody discovered a work around for this. PVP will be impossible without this?


Right. It’s the Illuminati, they’ve always hated console players.

But for real, I came here for the first time in ages just to say removing the toggle sprint is not fun at all. I can’t even re-map it on the controller. Not only is it a massive pain when moving around the world, now my tactical movement is all messed up. Fatalaties are fun though.


Same issues here. This is sn absolute mess.


Someone posted this fix for now on another bug report:

The only thing with this fix is that you can’t sprint and look behind you at the same time lol but it’s better than the alternative!


I’m also experiencing this on Xbox. What the heck Funcom? Made the game nearly unplayable. Please fix ASAP, this is ridiculous.

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All you can do is reassign your L3 to key binding everytime you load game, I keep having to reassign L3 anytime I load game up.

But I have to hold L3 down even though it is on toggle, it is doing exact same thing on Xbox too.

Having to use R3 to move across to different sections of menus rather than use d-pad is annoying too as I keep pressing d-pad anytime I need to move one space across the menu but it puts me on other side due to not using R3

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