Captured thralls disappear on elevators

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My captured thralls that I take back to my base up in the elevator almost always glitch out and disappear on me. It has happened to me on more than one occasion. I drag a named freaking thrall back to my base to have it glitch out on me. Please fix this bug, it’s making capturing thralls very difficult.

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Double check that the thrall is not falling to its death on the elevator. Even if you are dragging thralls, they can take fall damage, and dragging them up tall elevators often makes them fall to their deaths. Same for any fighter/archer thralls following you, they usually auto teleport next to you mid elevator and fall to their deaths.

When I go up in the elevator and this glitch happens, it makes my character jump up and then the thrall disappears. Before that happened the thrall was hanging just fine. So when my character suddenly jumps up the game was actually trying to teleport the thrall into the elevator space? Since there was no space for it to be the thrall gets forced off the elevator to fall to its death, right?