Captured npc died while being transported

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: Germany

I captured a named armorer in Sepermeru, and proceeded to drag him all the way to H8 to my base. When I was on an elevator and almost in my base, he died all of a sudden while still being on the chain and hanging from it down under the elevator. Like 30 seconds before I could put him on the wheel of pain. It is possible it was 15 minutes after I had knocked him out though, so if this is a feature and not a bug, you can delete this post. If it is a bug though, can I get a new one please? xD This was the first time I found this particular one, it was Arcen Brokenfingers, PvP 1313, Riwillion (Ainess), clan Scarlet Blades. I am certain there was nothing that could have killed him, no falling, no direct or AoE dmg. I also had a bit of an issue with him before when my screen froze and I ended up in water and he ended up in there as well, if this sounds relevant, I will provide more info.


He died because you took him on an elevator. It’s a bug that Funcom is currently working on. As indicated on the community Trelllo board. (Click the picture below to see more details).

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What the hell? So now you must have a non-elevator access to your base if you want thralls? Well that is screw up if I ever saw one. Hopefully this will be resolved super quickly.


It is buggy, somwtimes it works others it doesnt. I have brought several down to my base and lost a fewn Best bet make a thrall camp near where you capture them at, break them there then place them in your invwntory and take them where you want.


I tried one time to get a thrall on my chain down by elevator to my base. I was very careful, switching between up and down movement until the thrall lay on the grating of the elevator, then i moved down and the thrall moved up until he hung down from the top of the elevator. I could get him safely off the elevator once down at the base. But I have no idea whether this was due to my carefulness or down to pure luck.

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Hey there,

As pointed out, it is a known issue and our team is already working on a fix.
Until then, if you experience this issue you can follow this workaround found by @SirBowen:

You simply have to take care that the Thrall who is bound is still agile.
A little bit hard to describe but let me try it this way.

If you knock out a Thrall and “immediately” bound him and dragging him home all will be fine with the elevator because he ISNT stiff. (flutter behind you while dragging)


If you knock out a thrall and move away to far and came back to the knocked out corpse, you will see it is stiff with outstretched arms (deathly rigid).
If you drag the thrall now, you will see, the thrall isnt flutter around anymore.
These stiff guys immediately drop and break the rope after you try to leave the elevator on the top, fall and die.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: