Bound Thralls die in elevator

Game mode: Online private server
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: USA

My Thrall wheel is 15 floors high and have been dragging bound thralls up to it via my elevator for weeks, with only odd graphical model issues (arms and lets whipping around like crazy). Today I took some more thralls, after it seemed the patch was looking pretty solid. Sadly, 2 out of 3 died at the bottom, just as I reached the top. I think my chain is dropping them, right when I step off the elevator, into my house.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

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added a pic if it helps. Elevator is enclosed on 4 sides if that makes a difference. Again, it was fine before patch.

Thats a known issue, dont know if it is intended by Funcom.

You simply have to take care that the Thrall who is bound is still agile.
A little bit hard to describe but let me try it this way.

If you knock out a Thrall and “immediately” bound him and dragging him home all will be fine with the elevator because he ISNT stiff. (flutter behind you while dragging)


If you knock out a thrall and move away to far and came back to the knocked out corpse, you will see it is stiff with outstretched arms (deathly rigid).
If you drag the thrall now, you will see, the thrall isnt flutter around anymore.
These stiff guys immediately drop and break the rope after you try to leave the elevator on the top, fall and die.

I figured that out and reproduce it many many times with allways the same result.
So take care that the dragged Thralls are not stiff (deathly rigid) and all is fine by using the elevator.
If you knock out a Thrall, dont go to far away or it get stiff.

Hope this helps to understand why some thralls work with the elevator and some do not.


This is something I had added to the Trello board before and is still being investigated. Not sure when this will be addressed though unfortunately. Sorry for the trouble with this!!

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@SirBowen’s post has a great summary. The rule is if they’re loose and floppy, they’ll survive the ride. If they’re like us when we sleep, flat and stiff with hand on abdomen, and they jaggedly teleport as you drag them, they’re unsafe. If you have an unsafe thrall, drag them to stairs or wait for them to wake up. If they wake normally, you can bonk them again and they’ll be pliable.

( in helpful tone) aka “ragdoll” effect

lol, I read that as boink

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Ah ha! That explains it perfectly! I always wondered why some of my thralls were all rigid and others like a bag of jello. Well, I moved my maproom from the ground to the dungeon level of my house and the wheel is now down on the ground. Makes it quicker to wheel this way anyway. I have a long wake up timer on my server, so I rip through Asgard (or whatever it is called) and club everyone interesting, then come chain them up after. I used to chain and run home right away. So it seems my process changed right when the patch did.

Thank you for your help!!

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