Caves and buildings

Hi, I have no idea why we are not able to make homes in caves. For example Xalthars refuge. Awesome location, one simply brims with ideas how to make it cozy and secure. But its impossible to build there. Why? Its such a waste :-/. There is nothing inside except of some puffballs and one gator. Thats all. Please make caves accessible to building, thanks!

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There’s a little catch with caves. They offer no protection against sandstorms, while they do make it a hassle to build full shelter. You still need a house.

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That can be solved by ading different zone boxes in caves so they have desert biome, without sandstorm option

And shelter zone in entire cave


Building shelters in dungeons is problematic, you block way in, so maybe ading few new caves where you can build

Also building in caves can be problematic, cus exploits

There are mods for that at least.

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