More Ruins and Caves to build in

I am a big dwarf at heart. So when it comes to building, I always try to find a cave or ruin to build in and the issue is. There aren’t too many caves and ruins to build a small base into.

Personally I almost always build in the ruin of the northern aqueduct or the cave below skyhome ruins with iron in it. Those two spots are spacious and adaptable for those with a good dwarven mind! However when I tried looking in the jungle and in the deserts. There are very few caves or ruins to build inside. You have to build ontop of or occupy a manor throughway to achieve the goal.

I would like to see more caves, ruins and niche indentations players can build into. It would help diversify the map and give players more options than ontop of a location or the middle of a field ect.


I support this suggestion … and piggybacking the dwarf themes here, we sure could use some more beard options for our characters and armies of thralls! :wink:


That’s really a very good idea. It wont take much effort but will increase immersion and playability a lot. Please feel free to post special suggestions here in your thread.


Love this idea honestly! I think ruins are amazing things to build in. And more caves, even bigger than The Crevice would be legit.


Also. Frost Caverns. The space for it is there.

You can also put an entrance inside the frost giant statues… I’m sure a few bosses/ content could be tucked away in there.


This is a fantastic idea, I love it. Yes please to both some more Caves and Frost Caves. Just image how good those Blood & Sand building pieces will look if they finally make it underground.


Thank you for the support. I am hoping to see more spots to get in the dwarf mood about.

Definitely, a game that advertises building nearly everywhere needs more interesting landmarks to build on top of. Make a ruined castle somewhere that’s fixable!


That sounds like a great idea. It would be so fun to repair it!

excavator feat: places foundations and floors beneath ground (map mesh whatever)

Or creates basements and controlled terrain under the map! Instead of sheer undermeshing!

I would like to see more plants in caves. Sure, more caves would also be a nice thing to have. It should tie into the Conan universe somehow imo. Note, this impacts performance unless seperated from the map with a loading screen. For more information on map expansion, see
Map - Official Conan Exiles Wiki.

That’d need a system developed in and of itself. It would also enable new types of undermeshing and other exploits.

Sidenote, something built on the surface will block building below the surface.

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I’m asking for small little caves, nothing too big, just nice alcoves to build small caves in. A plant diversity would be great aswell! As for under meshing, cheaters gunna cheat.

i play single player , and there is a mod that has 4 caves so far to build in . strays i think is the aurthors name.
the best cave so far is the one on the pond in the rainy area just below the city.
its a great mod!

and agree. there should be more caves ( not under meshing funcom )
starting out and you have a huge mansion , …um no…i will find a hole and live in here :slight_smile:

I’ve wanted subturanean cave systems added in Conan for ages - ideally at some point have entire zones of intricate and maze-like cave systems underneath the map or inside the mountain ranges with critters and enemies/ruins you can get lost in or spend days exploring and not find anything.

Even a few underground or cave cities!

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yes please

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It would make the game so much more interesting!

Several small, medium, and large caves, in all zones, would be fantastic!

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Agree, the more caves the better.

Boosted damage to cave structures could counter it.