Some ideas for future content

So first off these are just ideas i had for future content. If its possible and doesnt break the game.

Idea #1
Maybe add a new terrain to the map or extend the body of water in the east and add bigger islands. Something new more challenging to get threw than the rest.

Idea #2
I kno mounts will be added to the game and there will be bugs and what not to fix but i think it would be cool to add armor sets for your mount and or pets. Having a elephant looking sweet in some heavy elephant armor would be pretty sweet or a horse with some good looking horse armor. Doesnt have to be anything crazy.

These are just a couple of ideas i was thinking about lately. Anyone feel free to add on or convers about what ideas to would like to see. So far the games been great im having a great time with. Looking forward to messing with the mounts and the new leveling system for pets and thralls.

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Hey there,

For explanation on why there is ‘no’ map expansion, see

As these are only cosmetic, they’re currently DLC only, see both

There’s no problem with saying this, it helps to get the conversation started. Ideally though, your suggestion thread has replies which are related to your suggestions. Unless someone manages to (legit!) notice you have an interest in something.

Here’s an idea that we as the community and the Dev team might be able to find some sort of compromise on regarding adding on to the map - What if they added more content into the current map? I.E. Not just dungeons ect, but new and hidden cities ect? Like adding some subturanean cave systems with an underground city inside of a mountain or small “sherpa” type villages built into cliff faces ect?

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The dungeons are the compromise. Less rendering ~ better performance; without additional measures. :wink:

More caves or content in caves is still possible (regardless of the recent patch for them). There is another thread on this as well:

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Sorcery. That’s what I want to see the most. Enhance the necro abilities to something similar with demons would be a start.

are interesting ideas

See for explanation why sorcery is (’)not(’) implemented

Under the Sorcery tab in already implemented, you could add Necromancy since the Witch Doctor feat is basic necromancy. That means the only things missing for having fully implemented sorcery in the game is summoning, if you read Joel or Jens’s words about what should be sorcery in CE.

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