!@@! More Waterfall Caves !@@!

There is one waterfall in the exiled lands, that I have found so far, that you can build behind!, just enough space for a small little base.

I understand the numbers would be limited but that is the way of the game first come first serve to the prime locations!

would it be to much for the waterfalls around the map to have a place behind them to build a reasonably sized base?

And also! I have been in ghost mode when cleaning my server of hidden foundations and such, There is boundless unused space down there, you could very easily add cave systems and such that could be built in, and that is indeed a whole new world of amazing building!!
it would definitely bring in more players.

Any back up on this :)?


Would definitely like to see more subterranean locations, the few that are in game are on the small side or are in high traffic areas that join biome’s together so not great locations to build in.

could place iron ore, coal, gold and silver mines

Would love to see mines across the map that aren’t dungeons but are carved into the existing map but they would need to be no build areas to stop resource blocking unless they were huge enough to have areas that wouldn’t interfere with node spawns.

Unlikely to ever happen but Funcom could cash in big time on the idea with a new underworld map dlc (:wink: :wink: Funcom)

While I’m always an advocate for more caves and cave systems - especially ones big enough to build in - there’s definite technical limitations to worry about though I’m not sure how much of it applies in this context. It’d mainly be dependent on how they have the game handling the caves and how they load in/out and how it would effect memory usage. From a single-player standpoint it wouldn’t be a problem due to things like occlusion culling and only needing to load them within a certain radius of the player, when you turn it into a persistent environment like on a server then things become a bit more complicated.

Still, who wouldn’t want a nice big cavern somewhere to build an underground city? Something akin to a mix between Moria and a pueblo settlement.

There’s plenty of references to underground structures and areas in the Conan universe like the chambers beneath Xuthal that are home to Thog or Tsotha’s halls of horror that they could draw from to create something amazing.

Under the Map a bit. In ghost mode!!!
My God it’s such a cool spot!! So much potential down here

I wonder if there are huge elephants in the map corners, standing on the back of one very big turtle.


I sank through the map once, in ghost mode. Didn’t see elephants or turtle. Last time I died I didn’t see a big very thin guy with a sickle SPEAKING LIKE THAT, too.
Very disappointing.

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While the areas are indeed majestic, I wonder why the objects need to be so detailed below the playable platform. We are not meant to go below it… aren’t we? :thinking:

With my (very limited) understanding of map creation I think it’s because the map starts as a blank sheet with only gentle sweeping to the terrain possible anything else is placed on top so along a cliff face the same rock could be used 20 times over just at a different angle and you wouldn’t notice as only a small part is visible from your pov.

The same rocks from the cliff could be used elsewhere only scaled down and turned on the side to place a house on in relic hunter city for example, I’d imagine each rock has a skin for each biome.

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I have been exploring the vastness of the terrain under the map… i’m always in ghost mode making sure no one int he server has slipped foundations below the surface in an attempt to claim.

i really think its a brilliant place to have an underground part of the map, hell with all of this they could have an entire system that traveled the exiled lands!

the exiled lands if i’m not mistaken, don’t have a part in the Conan world, there are parts and people in the game that do indeed, but creating a under world would not take anything from the game, quite the opposite i believe.

amazing dungeons and player made challenges with traps, and mazes, hidden fortresses and epic under ground raids xD.
brings in the possibility of introducing loads of new material as well.


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