Underground Biome - it would be really cool

I was doing the dungeon that is under the conan bar in Sepermero, and that cave is really cool, I was thinking our would be really cool to be able to build bases in tall caves like these, giant caves, with several tunnels on the surface that could connect to this underground world, infested with wicked creatures and a darkness that takes over everywhere.
What do you think of this idea?

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I agree it would be nice but they would have to redo all of map and it’s assets most likely and it could take a year or two to finish thus it won’t happen unless something happens on their side given them time and resources to do so

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Why would they have to redo all of the map? Can’t they just add caves that just goes lower and lower towards multiple cavern systems.

No as they would have to do many rework of the areas also it would come with many problems such as undermesh since there would be more space also land claim is infinite vertically which also mean that the underground base would stop you from building above on the surface meaning people would just do it to griefs other players so the build system would also need to be adjusted but if they don’t do it right they people will walk in and over others builds and that won’t help so yeah lots would need rework otherwise mass problems

hmmm actually there a modder working on this as we speak and really if you turn building claim to small i believe tehy did some work to stop vertical land claim … dont quote on me i just remember that they spoke something about fixing that

Right but then people could build over yours if it’s not done right but that’s on private servers on official it’s a different as the number of mods you could have makes it better or worse so yeah

If Funcom made the entrances like the secret entrance to the volcano or the underground caverns in Sepmaru, it’d be do-able as then the underground biome wouldn’t be actually under the game map.

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