Centos 8 and wine 6 dedicated server authentication issue

[2021.03.02-18.05.48:238][703]LogFuncomLiveServices:Error: VerifyIdentity Failed: Request Timeout or null response
0048:fixme:advapi:ReportEventW (00000000CAFE4242,0x0001,0x0000,0xc0000001,0000000000000000,0x0001,0x00000000,00000000005ECF28,0000000000000000): stub
0048:err:eventlog:ReportEventW L"VerifyIdentity Failed: Request Timeout or null response"

Above is the part in the logs it errors when trying to connect. It is a centos 8 server and wine 6.

I have port 7777 open 7778 and 27015 open for traffic.

tried on multiple devices to connect and I like the idea for the dedicated server tool but would like to see some instructions on how to install to Linux devices .

Any assist greatly appreciated