Chain crash on several level, including notably Acheron

Game version: Steam version (i don’t know where to check the version of the game, i checked every possible place it’s nowhere).
Type of issue: [SELECT ONE] Crash
Mods: [ Are mods installed: Yes | No ] No

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My game keep crashing notably during Acheron, to the point where i just can’t proceed to the end of the level or even begin the next level.

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Step 1 : start the game
Step 2 : begin the Acheron level (difficulty : lamb)
Step 3 : between the second section and the fourth section of the level, game crash happen.

For the other crash it happens mostly on the latest level, but it didn’t happened all the time unlike Acheron, and i suppose it might have something to do with the kind of enemy i’m facing, since it’s always the latest kind of enemy who i happen to face when the crash happen.

Please help me, i would be really sad and disapointed if i cannot see the end of the game by myself because of some stupid crash, the game is awesome and i would be really sad to ask for a reinboursment for something this silly.

Thank you in advance for your help and awnser, don’t hesitate to tell me if i need to communicate some info about the kind of component my computer is using.

Best regard,


Greetings from Hell! And welcome to our forum.

Thank you for your report. We updated your forum rank to allow you to send files and links.
Could you please send us the crash reports?

We await your reply.

Player.log (12.5 KB)
Player-prev.log (11.9 KB)

Here is my player log, i hope it’s what you asked for.

Could you let me know if those file are the right one you were asking please ?

Thank you so much kanatha63! These should be it.

Will pass all this inforamtion over to the rest of the team so they can investigate further.

Let me know if the team find some solution to try out, i’ll apply it and let you know the result then.

Thank you for the update, i tryed it out and the crash didn’t happened at the same place, unfortunately it did happened later in the same level when i’m facing the aoe big fire guy. I’ll sent you my player log again.

Player.log (65.8 KB)
Player.log (12.5 KB)