Chair bug, sitting in chair gets character stuck

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Sitting down on the aquilonian councilor’s chair. Now I am stuck inside the chair. Can’t get out of the chair and my character is stuck inside the chair. Had to log out and log back in. Probably happens about 10% of the time sitting in the chairs in this game.

Repeatable = yes
Playing on PC.

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PS your bug reporting method is really cumbersome and annoying. Had to create a user, login in, create a bug report from scratch because all the other people who had the same bug, even back in 2018, well their discussions were closed after 7 days, so i couldnt reply to them. Guess what guys, your bugs are not being closed after 7 days. So why the heck do you close discussions down after 7 days, especially if they are not being solved?!

Hey there,

Discussions are closed automatically by the forums software after seven days of inactivity.
We’re aware of this chair issue and it’s being looked into.

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