Champion Armor no longer periodically removes affects(Extras)

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Region: [North America]

Am currently experiencing a issue with the Champion Armor not responding to Periodically removing side affects, unfortunately with the new modifications of Grandmaster Armorsmith (with the Master Armor plating mod) it no longer response to it’s special feature of removing affects (Poison/Corruption/Bleed/ect.) Anymore. I pray that you will find time to solve this issue! As well as the Thrall Not attacking(occurs randomly) issue as well. There is one more… Concern about the recent patch which involves the Greatsword, not it’s move set but more importantly the delay/recovery time which has rendered the Greatsword’s Combos… Quite unfortunately… Be unless against mostly all hostiles(any type). It is Interruptable, very easily to interrupt any of the move set combos, which leaves me with just R1, R1, L2 and repeat… The heavy R2 are no longer preferred as the Win to lost radio isn’t worth it.

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I agree with you on the 2H swords, the combos have lost their hyper armor and it gets interrupted A LOT. Quiet frustrating actually. Hope not but maybe it’s just something we have to get used to.

As for the armor I have not tested so I have nothing to add.


Hello @OdinValensir, thank you for sharing your concerns with us!

We’ll relay this information to the team and register the issue with the Champion Armor so that they can look into it.

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