So what is with all items which had +ARMOR attribute?

Game mode: [any gamemode]
Problem: [Bug or not]
Region: [everywhere]

So since the December 2019 patch, ALL items which had +ARMOR attribute lost this attribute. Was that on purpose?

Will that ever be fixed? Is that even a bug/oversight?

Will this items get sth different? Getting + AGI?
Sth like the black dragon pike underwent. So instead of proividing a direct endurance buff, it grants +5 GRIT now.

@Ignasi @Hugo could you ask the dev-team about that? The scorpion ward shield was famous for its +100 armor… But since December its another worthless shield like many others…

Same issue here. Found a shield with “increase armor” in the description, but no +ARMOR attribute on it

Yeah, it was removed I think on all items (or maybe there are 1-2 which were forgotten), when the new leveling system with thrall came at December 2019.

But the black-pike also underwent there this transformation. Instead of direct buffing endurance, you get +5 GRIT (which gives you endurance).

So my guess was/is, that Funcom also wanted todo sth with +armor and with +AGI perk (which gives armor) and not completely removing this attribute.

But we still need a clear answer. If it is bug or Funcom simple removed it from the game.

Hello @jot29, only the Black Bruargh’s Fury shield is currently providing armor, we’ll be sure to poke the team on this matter to determine if it’s intentional.

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You would think if it was meant to be done it would be in patch notes or I would think it should be at a least when removing something like that.

There was a change, but I forgot what it even was…

After several months of speculating, it was said that is not a bug. It was intended. And it was never in the patch notes…

And many things are never in any patch note, but are still changed or simple hidden behind sth.

The Lying bastard sword dmg got reduced and it was hidden behind “2h weapon balancing”. Because it is kinda 2h sword, but on the same time it isnt.
You use it in 1h and it has the 1h-axe movset, nothing todo with 2h.

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