Shields - No Armor Bonus anymore [Unresolved or Intended?]

Hi there. I reported this “issue” originally in Nov 2019 (it might have already been in game a while longer). Since then nothing has changed either on live after several updates, nor on the latest TestLive.

All shields which previously provided an armor bonus when wielded now provide none. With the exception of ONE shield, Black Bruargh’s Fury (still gives 20 as before, tested on TestLive today).

Best example to reproduce is the Scorpion Ward, which specifically states in its description and info that it provides bonus armor.

This leads to the questions:

  • Is this an intentional change which was never announced (maybe I haven’t seen it and it was)? If yes, Black Bruargh’s Fury should have the armor bonus removed and the Scorpion Ward its description updated.

  • Is it a bug and is it being addressed/in the pipeline? Would be great to get an update on this (considering it has been at least 4 months).

Original report:

Hey @Pixelcave

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll send a reminder about this to our team.



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