Old armor have lost their attribute and all have been reduced to +1 with the last patch

Game mode: [SELECT ONE] Online official
Type of issue: [SELECT ONE] Bug
Server type: [SELECT ONE] PvP
Region: [ Please enter your server region ] US
Mods?: [ Are mods installed: No
Edition: [ Select one: Steam

Bug Description:

just before the release of this patch i was sorting out mixed armor piece on conan exiles, puting in one chest armor piece with +2 and in recycle bin those with +1 only

after the update all armor who were +2 except reedement & silent legion light & medium & dragon bone armor that I had went to +1 per piece.

reedement & silent legion light & medium & dragon bone armor have kept their previois patch bonus, so nothing changed for those armors.

The piece of armor i was sorting out were very old, some have been crafted from 2 years old to 5 months, just after the release of new economy.

its affect particularly cultural armor, and it’s huge problem to lost attributes of +2 on all this armor that i have been able to make survive for so long on offi pvp server. i mean with new economy i already lost all the old padding, because of the new padding system introduced by new economy. and this time that all old armors crafted…

Were they flawless? There was a line in the patch notes, if not mistaken, that the old flawless/expectional items will be converted to base game items. Maybe this is what happened.


both, there was flawless, and there was some cultural armor crafted after new economy (so not flawless), warchief, kithan,guardian, barbarian, cimmerian in fact all armor except armors dragon bone armor, reedemed armor, ligt & medium silent legion, championship armor (in fact all armor that get an attribute change in the last 5 months), but all others went to +1.

thanks to notice this report.

I have some armors on my thralls which I am fairly certain were crafted with a T4 thrall after the economy update and now they are indeed showing +5 stats for a full set. I am not 100% sure though since I am mostly using the new gear nowadays. It would be great if others can reconfirm.

yup and they were +10 or +9 before, it affect armor stocked in chest or alredy weared by a thrall, there is a major issue.

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It seems that this patch brings more problems than actually fixes. Hope they can check it after weekend.

well there is also some good things

Not sleeping tonight so I might as well test things. Can you remember which was the economy patch? (2.4 or 2.3?) - It might help me home in on an old save that’s relevant.

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2.1 was the economy update


So much for my memory, lol.

I did take a look, but can only confirm for definite that stuff older than 2.1 has all been reduced down (as expected), but I can’t find anything in the mid-ground between 2.1 and 2.5 that I can guarantee has been weakened. My best candidate was my Siptah game, but most of that is vault stuff and the like, so probably wouldn’t have taken a hit in the same way. For what it’s worth, everything also appears to be intact in my singleplayer Savage Wilds game, which hasn’t been touched since May - but it is also possible that this is one of those situations where the mods interfered with the data. Sorry I couldn’t get anything more useful.

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Thanks for trying, DanQuixote. Unfortunately, afaik, Funcom were unable to reproduce the issue, at least not in their initial round of testing. This means that either we are misremembering or the issue is not as straight forward as I was hoping for. Sadly unless the issue can be realiably reproduced, it is unlikely to be fixed at least not any time soon.

To be quite honest, I don’t think it is something that is going to happen again either and as we know Funcom does not restore any items lost regardless of how they were lost.

This is also something that is it not widely reported. Either the rest have not noticed yet or the issue did not affect everyone. I would have expected to see a lot more reports from PvP servers where there is a large amount of pre-crafted gear. I guess we shall wait and see, at least the bug report has been filed.

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well i was checking those armor just 1h before release of the patch, so i am 100% sure that armor went from +2 to +1

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