Question about patch notes

“Item quality can now be improved by crafting thralls. This also applies to bonus stats provided by armor and gear (from a base value of 5 to a max. of 10). Note: Old armor pieces retain their previous values.”

If I am reading this correctly then tier crafters for armor are supposed to continue to give you attribute bonuses yet I have spawned in numerous crafting armorers and no matter what its always +5 bonus not 7 like exceptional used to be or 9 like flawless. This needs a bit of clarity, is it a bug that is causing this or am I reading into the words used wrong? Anyone know for sure?

According to the DevKit you get upgrades on base stats such as armor value, weight and durability. On top certain armorers would improve attributes and offer additional bonuses such as further reduction of weight, increased durability, etc. If not mistaken only the T4s give you more attributes but I haven’t played around with enough of them to say for sure. Some of the siptah armors are broken as in they don’t give the stats they should as well.

this is what i mean though I think its a bug honestly. The way they word that quoted above seems to imply you actually can bonus up to +10 with thralls help. This before was only possible in certain combinations of armor/ legendary helm for say +10 str. I have spawned in a lot of armorers to see for myself and none at all gave any sort of attribute bonus like before. The way that is worded just does not seem right to me. Maybe they did not have time to implement it? Some clarity on staffs part would go a very long way on figuring this stuff out.

I have seen T4 armorers craft +10 stats i.e +2 on each part i/o +1. Are you referring to a specific armor? Is it a base game one or siptah? There is an issue that certain parts of the set not giving their bonuses at all, mostly pants from what I have seen. It says it gives vitality for example but when you equip it, you get nothing.

the dlc guardian armor I could only ever get to +9 now it stays at +5 with any thrall. Before you could get the +8 from the four pieces plus the reptile helm to get you to +10. I tried all the siptah DLC armor so that might be exactly what you are referring to because my tests were the siptah light, medium sets and dekerto guardian sets for testing.

Here is one example of the armor working properly:


thats odd because its not working like that for me I’m going to jump in game and spawn in some stuff and see if its just certain armor sets.

You need to craft them though e.g same thrall:

If I spawn them in from the admin panel:

The admin panel gives you the base set (no thrall).

I just did I spawned in the materials and 6 different thralls and its all just +5 still. You are using epics this is a new game so it might be anything under epic caps at +5 now?

Oh ok, I didn’t test non-epics. Let me try.

yeah i even spawned in fia intentionally to test to make sure.

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Mmm no, Fia + Improved Armorer’s Bench:


Could it be the bench?

just tested and no its not the bench so that means one thing its mod related. I’m guessing thall fashion is the culprit

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yeah thanks Narelle you helped a ton. My opinion of this patch went up quite a bit now. That was my number 1 gripe other than the bugs. I was a knucklehead by not loading up the game first without mods to test things out.


There are bugs with the armors for sure but glad that at least yours is resolved :smiley:


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