How to create armor with +2 stat bonuses with new crafting system


Now that exceptional and flawless armors are gone from the game, I was hoping to get some clarity from forums peeps about how to get the +2 extra attribute bonuses from armor in the new crafting system? Does it just depend on the level of thrall crafting it, minus the “exceptional” or “flawless” descriptor, so that a T4 armorer will still make armors with +2 to attributes, but a T2 will only make +1s?


you guessed right , T4’s will give more bonuses than T2’s or T1’s to both attributes and to the weapon / armor stats ( like damage or armor ) more over T4 now have a specialization that will add one of the 3 ( armor/dmg , weight/armor penetration or durability ) effects as a bonus to the crafted item

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Great, thank you!

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