Changing the way the bosses in the storm spawn has made the map pointless

So once you hit 60 in Siptah only fun thing to do was clan up and farm bosses to summon the good surge. Well thats gone so map is pointless. Im not gonna farm 500 of regular ones. So changeing game. Thanks was fun untill you ruin ever little fun thing in the game. Someone call it OP so had to rush in there and hot fix it? Why make cool items and stuff if you just completely dump on it and make it useless the next week? Like the water flask that gave a little bit of healing, OMG that cant be allowed. So why did you guys even make it. Sam with all the religions totally not worth anything anymore. The point was to be able to make the cool weapons when you leveled it up all the way. Nope weapons had a cool something on em. Destroy em. Can i get my money back for all the expansion and dlc i bought?

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What was changed in regards to bosses? Did I miss something?

Nothing as far as I know. Only possibilities I can find is some mentions of fixing maelstrom exploits in the recent patch notes. That’s all it says by the way. Fixed an exploit with maelstrom spawns. I don’t see anything about bosses in particular on the testlive notes either.

Bosses still spawn if you build a big base inside the storm.

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I have moved this thread to the Isle of Siptah subforum, as it provides feedback on the Isle of Siptah DLC and Update 2.0. Your thread will be seen regardless.

Correct, you don’t even have all of the base inside the storm, only a part

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