Character bugged

Ok i keep this simple i been bugged for nearly a month and it very annoying i sent bug reports and no replies. I really hate the service here but i love the game so whatever maybe a player can help me. My level 60 person only has 379 Attributes points i know it not fair from max but still it is not. This is annoying i tried many things to fix it. Any idea’s anyone or better yet can a ADMIN help with this???

Any admins out there

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Most of the crew are on a mandatory summer vacation

Well guess thats understandable. But if you have a game that never stops then you need to provide support. Yes I know it don’t cost monthly to play but I have bought nearly every update for two consoles. So a little support is all I ask. Even if it is just a message.

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I understand my wife and I have all Dlcs and have had a server since the beginning I know what it is like to sink time and money into this game and here I am spending most of my weekend again.

I’m guessing you’ve already tried, but just in case though I’d recommend trying the yellow lotus potion and the potion that just resets feats.

Thank you but I tried and it did not work :frowning:

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