Character falling through foundations and ceilings

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug
Region: US Official PvP Server

Last night (21 March) around 9PM EDT I started to fall through flooring pieces. To be more precise I fell through the floor over and over and over. It doesn’t seem to happen on floor squares with carpets on them. It happens on ceiling tiles and foundation tiles. The only way to navigate inside my base now is to jump and hope I grab the ceiling so I can climb around. When this happens the 3rd person camera angle changes as well to a wider field of view. My pets also seem to fall through the foundations and come to rest on the original ground.

I have tried restarting the game and restarting the PS4. I read somewhere else that you can try to run away from the area and then run back. Base is nearish The Black Galleon, ran all the way to the Sentinels and back and it was still glitching.

I was suffering from the “fell through the world you’re dead” problem which is no longer a problem. This one isn’t so fatal, just annoying.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Sign in to the game
  2. Walk onto any of the 4 squares near my elevator
  3. Fall, instantly reset to the floor level, fall, reset, fall, …
  4. Reset game and or PS4, goto 1.

Had this bug since i bought the game 2 years ago. Relogging works for me

Hello @JackFS4, welcome to the community, would you mind sharing a short video recording of the issue, as well as provide additional information regarding the possible amount of building pieces, placeables, NPCs and lighting sources present in the area?

Does the issue happen when you login into your base or is it persistent?

This also happen to me once last month And it only did it on aquilonian foundation nothing else. Since that day I build everything in turanian haven’t had any issues.

We had this issue last night for a bit. On both t1 and t2 ceilings. Made finishing that church hard, but it seems to have cleared up by the time we logged off. Both myself and anothrr player experienced the same bouncing in the same rooms. Only two rooms seem to have been affected

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