Character just stop attacking when i press the button

Game mode: any
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: any

this problem start happens 1-2 days ago, i played 700 hour and didnt see this problem before.

sometimes my character doesnt attack around 1 second even if i press attack button, or when i hold shield i get damage and my friend told me i stopped holding a shield at this moment. then i go and check this problem alone in the singleplayer. it still here.

i ask my friend to he do same in the singleplayer and he did. he has same problem

please pay attention to this, its very annoying and i died several times cause that when my character just dont want continue combo and stop it after 2-3 hits >w>

i saw (but i think this problem happens with any weapon) this problem with 2-handed spear, shield + sword, shield + mace, shield + axe, but you can simply check it with shield and sword, cause sword have fast attack.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. wear a sword and a shield
  2. hold ctrl button
  3. fast clicking left mouse button, but do not stop holding ctrl
  4. you can see after few attacks your character just stay (and doesnt holding shield too) about 1 second then everything becomes normal
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same here, and stops farming too, tested with axe weapon and hardened steel pick

what the hell you did today Funcom???

So it’s a bug ?? I was buying a new mouse thinking the left button abandoned me ! :scream:

Hey there,

It’s not a bug but a preventive measure to stop input spam. To harvest, you can keep the left mouse pressed and it will keep harvesting at the maximum speed.

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@Ignasi but it’s happened with sword and 1-handed weapon gameplay even when i click left mouse button only one time per hit (dont spam it)

is this works right? >w>

@Ignasi I understand the issue, but I think it’s not working properly, I was fighting using predator blade and shield and it was simply impossible to perform a full light combo this way.

One time it stopped me even if I was using block + single counter attack each time (so at least 2-3 seconds since a new attack !)


I have tried farming with holding the mouse down and it still stops after 2-4 swings. I am also unable to complete combos (both heavy and light) when attacking. If this is a preventative measure then it is not working very well.


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