Character merging with horse - fixed yet?

I know it’s not completely fixed on PS4. My horse still trots up to me and then I’m stuck inside my horse. Especially on inclines or stairs.

Besides the cert/Sony/server connection fix in June, the PS4 hasn’t been updated since May

So I’m wondering if the horse/character merge issue is completely fixed in the current PC or testlive versions.

Hope someone knows


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Yeah, I am having a lot of trouble with this right now. I get trapped against sand dunes, walls and stairs. Often with my thrall working in concert with my horse (they hate me). Some times ducking helps me out or ordering thrall away. The last resort is to remove bracelet as I cannot get out. I thought the horse and thrall were adjusted to keep a little more distance, but I guess that leads to them blocking doorways.

Oh I’m lucky I haven’t had to remove bracelet yet.
Usually after some swearing about the stupid horse :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I can duck or I have to use the katana dash attack

Are you on PC or console?

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first jump, then quickly move while in the air – may work.
glad my server got /home

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