Character Transfers on Playstation

When we able to transfer our characters one sever to another server for consoles ?


I have not seen a time frame for Playstation yet although I believe that I would have seen it as much time I spend on Funcom Forum always looking for breaking news :grinning:.

I honestly don’t think we’ll see it ever, they have already realized the massive abuse it can bring with it with alphas server jumping constantly to raid one server after another,

For transfers to work in my eyes they need to reset us to level 1 on transfer, allow them to keep only their learned recipes, and add IOS resources that are needed for said recipes to the EL

And absolutely NO item transferring what so ever (not sure how this was even considered a good idea at all)

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I agree with you on that. My wife and I already have 2 characters a piece on each ConanExiles and Siptah I would like to keep knowledge learned but not so sure about transferring a butt load of weapons and supplies including thralls. We are playing on private server’s and one is ours the other is a friend’s so yes we have admin but it looks to me that on officials it could be a mess I would like to see me proven wrong :wink:. @HrothgarFrosthound .

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Honestly, I only wanna transfer for the feats and if I could bring some named crafters and stuff over, that would be ideal. Finding certain crafters on siptah is a pain when you’re practically soloing (I have a clan mate, but she mostly just builds and plays when I’m on). However, I’m only playing PvE, so it’s not like I’m trying to raid people.

I’m also concerned about how this will work exactly. Like, can I hand the clan over to my clanmate, delete my character, transfer my EL character, then get my clan back from my clanmate? I imagine I can do the same with a siptah character going the other way?

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Aw. I thought they had added transfer ability with clusters. Ah well.

I just realized the glaring issue of character transfers and probably the reason why it’s turned off right now. DLC’s have always been a cosmetic thing (at least in theory although we all know about armors and having early game access to great buffs) . Siptah changed that in that it’s a DLC and a practically new game in one. By transfering over between the maps, the Siptah owners have an extreme advantage over the core game owners. The vault armors alone can give you a bump of +17 strength and +9 endurance that just simply isn’t there in Exiled Lands. That is far too OP to just allow. Then there is vagabond armor…something that you can craft in Exiled lands but only find the recipe in Siptah that makes you a scouting god. I’m not even going to talk about the vault sigils because that is another aspect that is specific towards one set but that is an obvious one.

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