Check out my new fortress. It’s huge

This is my new fortress. Unfortunately the PS4 pro can’t handle anymore decorations or thralls because it’ll crash the game. So this is as far as I got luckily I was keeping a backup save. imageimage


Now that looks really good. Has to be on a solo game though.

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Oh yeah it’s singleplayer with admin

seems about the same size as mine

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I like it, it’s probably pretty close in overall size. I’m to the point that if I add so much as a banner to mine my game won’t load up after I disconnect. Luckily I keep a backup save because I learned the hard way on my 1st huge base and had to start from scratch.

since the update my game wont load anymore, curious thing is i was just moving around and showcasing it, didnt build a thing. even logged out normally (whilst i usually quit after enough crashes).

point is, im not near my main base… at all… any larger than 10x10x10 structure is outside of renderdistance…


ps. how do you make a backup save

on console that is

Same happened to me. I never log off in my base anymore. Just a tip but when you log off try to go somewhere that loads easy. Like a small house with little detail or a cave like place. As far as a backup save, im on ps4 but I hook a usb memory stick and copy my save to it that way when I freeze I can delete the save file on the PS4 and copy it back from the memory stick. That way I atleast don’t lose it all.

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And 1 more thing I only play single player so I’m not sure if the backup will work with online play

this is solo as well, i could try to copy the save data and to reinstall the game then… still, this should NOT have happened at all because of an update.

updates are to fix or add new stuff. not to break them. every developer knows that you cannot roll out an update which causes major instabilities such as crashes on initializing/loading…

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