Cheeting in the game

Hi guys I have a question for you, I know people is undermaping, but I don´t know how to report that, because we can´t get in and there is no way to take a picture… if you have any idea I would love to hear it.
Besides these cheeters had cracked the game in server 3116, just few minutes ago they try to get into my base and they get to the roof with a thrall, two hours after raiding time and the tharll was attacking us, ofcourse ours where standing still… I can ´t bellieve they are playing like this… what for… you are no better than any one, there is no strategy on that and they are blowing a game that I personaly consider awesome.

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Here are Funcom’s official guidelines for reporting:

Unfortunately I don’t know how you could take pictures of the undermesh base.