Chest Keys and locks

In the same way you make a coin or glass flask mold, I think it’d be a great addition to player made content to have keys crafted for various doors, gates, and chests. This can help with internal door/chest access amongst clan members with only higher ranking members having the key, or being killed and dropping the key, and also provide content for player made dungeons such as leaving a key in a crate past a mini-boss to get to the next section.

The keys themselves could be replicated if the original molding is used, but lose the molding and the key can no longer be recreated.

-Create key mold through artisan table, this creates a molding with a random number for ID purposes, and allows players to interact with it one time to label the key. So on creation say they make key mold 1007 and the creator can rename the key “Jungle Cave Key” or just keep it as “Key 1007”.

-With the key molding, create as many keys as you wish, which would require some strong metal such as hardened steel and the molding in a furnace.

-With the key you also need to create the lock so you will need the chest or door/gate and the lock. Drop the lock onto the gate/door or chest and it “enhances” the object similar to how you can upgrade gear with reinforcements. The object will come with the lock name in the description so you can identify which lock goes with which key. Then simply place the object as you normally would.

-Interact with the locked object while having the correct key in your inventory and it will open. Doors/gates and chests with locks on them cannot be changed or removed by anyone except the lock creator, this includes another clan member placing the lock on a door they create. The object becomes exclusive to the key/lock maker.

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