Please add key and combination locks

I’d like to request the ability to have ‘locks’ in the game

the purpose of the lock would be to allow non-clan members the ability to access the item

  • could be on doors, chests, or benches.
  • the ui would be similar to the existing ui (word that says ‘locked’)
  • interacting with the lock would trigger the unlock action
  • a key lock would check inventory as well as a ‘key ring’
  • a ‘key ring’ could be ‘tucked’ under their bracelet and persist death
  • a combination lock would present 4-6 digits to be typed or symbols to be selected (10 second cool down)
  • the owner would be able to set the lock or make new keys
  • a key could be dragged from the ‘keyring’ to the inventory and back
  • dropping a key could allow other non-clan members to pick it up and use it




I like this idea. My clan works with other clans, but have to keep our map rooms locked up because of some trolls. it would be nice to allow them access to map rooms.

very good idea!

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