Introduce combination locks

A 4-5 digit combination lock.
That way you can share with friends, without the need to have them in clan.

It would be classified as an authorized inventory access.

This can also be done with doors, chests, vaults, elevators etc.


That is a great idea that could be utilized extremely well on our server - we have an alpha clan that has built a PvP arena open to everyone, with chests in it so contestants can store their gear there. But as of now, they either need to be unlocked for everyone, or locked for everyone but the alpha clan members. If they could set a code on them and give that code to a specific player, that would be aweseome. And there would be a plethora of other uses for pretty much everybody at some point I am sure.

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I like the idea. I prefer to have a certain 5 attempt per a player a day to prevent brute forcing. It can also be made good as a reward system internally. Such as… the winner of the arena will receive the combination to the chest type deal. Or maybe a certain peace offering made to another clan.

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Or specific type of chest in feats with the option to share key. That would be nice also

I love this!
…doors, gates, chests and vaults would be better off having this!

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