Chest respawn time take ages

What the usual time for chest to respawn usually?
Looks like some of them take ages.
We paly on private server and we didn’t change any settings about that.

i think they are about 30 minutes, or at least the ones i have encountered.
NPC’s are 15 minutes.
So legendary bosses will spawn 15 minutes before there chest if it was looted on last kill.

While bosses and npc in general have a fixed respawn time, I do believe chests do not.
Chests respawn time should be random between 1 to 30 minutes.
I spent lot of time farming bosses for keys, and sometime chests respawned almost immediatly after I used it, while sometime took a fair long amount of time and all in between.
I also noticed an anti-farming mechanism in place for chests respawn time, after an extensive use of a single chest in a short period of time, the random respawn tended to be diluted in time.
Please note, this is referred to chests containing epics.

The chests containing Legendary weapons seen to respawn every 30 minutes, but the regular chests like in New Asagarth and the Volcano do seem to take forever.

thanks lots guys,
yeah, so i’ll wait forever, but seems like it’s more than 24h for regular chest

Seems to be broken entirely. Only server restart brings chests back 100%∆

Also, you have to loot all of it. if you leave anything behind in it, it won’t respawn until server restart.

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I aways smash chests after looting them. I have found if you leave the chest with stuff in them, or even empty they sometimes never respawn.

I don’t even think about it now. Every chest I see, even if there is nothing worth looting, I destroy.


i think with the upcoming patch, they won’t be destructible. That and some of the other stuff, as it was wasting assets in the data base.

Last patch they made every indestructible except chests. Didn’t think they would change this, since the fix for chests not respawning is to destroy them. I hope they ensure that is fixed before removing the only means to fix them.

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I have a different experience, in Sepermeru I noticed the chests refresh normally in 10/15 minutes also if you leaving a partial loot in.
I guess this is just another mess, where different servers act in different ways (official servers)

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