Loot Chest Revamp

So we all know the chests around Dungeons Camps and Cities. The ones that contain loot ranging from stone to corrupted powder. Well there’s currently a headache with them where they will not respawn if the loot is not taken all the way out and will not respawn untill server reset.
So my suggestion is make them like Legendary chests where the entire chest despawns and comes back after a set time restocked with loot.
Tldr: Make loot chests disappear and respawn after set time after it is looted.

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No. You want the loot chest to respawn before the server resets ? Why you don’t take all the loot inside it ? If you aren’t interested by the loot, you just drop it as a loot bag that’ll decay rapidly.
Why do you want something as obvious and easy to do to be hardcoded in the game ? It’ll be a waste or resources and money for Funcom to hardcode such feature.

In any case, even if you do not take all things you can destroy the chest, so it will respawn full.

You’re both right that we can (and should, and do) take those precautions ourselves. Doesn’t help when other players can’t be bothered to do it though. I see no problem with a chest respawning fully on its own timer, starting when they’re opened.

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Agreed. And i believe the OP was alluding to this. He may do it, but the worst thing is to run up on a half looted chest. I can and usually fully loot it to reset it, but then i have to return 15-30 minutes later. some people have limited play time as it is. this removes the trolley-ness of only taking the high end stuff and dbagging the next guy.

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