Loot ChestDon't Respawn

Game mode: Online Private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PVE
Region: I don’t know what this means

I’m a new player. I asked if this would be fixed on the Steam discussion board and I was advised to post a bug report here. I’ve seen that this is a known bug, and was going to reply to the thread regarding this bug, but it was closed. The problem is, loot chests in any area, once looted, do not respawn goods unless the server is restarted. I tried destroying chests as was the recommendation online. They will disappear, but when they come back, they aren’t just empty. You can’t interact with them at all. This is not an issue when I play single player/co-op-the chests always respawn.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. open a chest
  2. take everything out of it
  3. wait until everything respawns
  4. open same chest, it will be empty/blank
  5. try hopefully smashing chest until it disappears
  6. wait until everything respawns
  7. try to open same chest
  8. cannot interact with chest
  9. give up and wait for server reset

Supposedly one of the ways to solve this is to actively close the chest after you loot it. Some people claim that this works, but it never has for me. As far as destroying the chests, once I learned you could, that is always how I reset them and have never had an issue with the respawn on Official PVP servers.


I think this works. I say “think” because I religiously empty chests, and close the lid after me every time, and I generally don’t have respawn issues. If I don’t want all the stuff inside, I chuck the rest of it on the ground so it doesn’t sit around with 2 wood and 5 stone in it. Of course I can’t say for sure that someone doesn’t come after me and destroys the chest, causing it to respawn, but it seems unlikely that this happens that often - especially since my server is low population and it’s not uncommon that I’m the only player online in the mornings. I can confirm that destroying the chest works for sure though.


Hey @Shifter

Indeed, to avoid this issue is better to close the lid of the chest so the new loot can respawn after a while.
Our team is aware of this issue and they’re looking into it.


The “looting all” thing you can see in pretty many games.

It’s just some discipline to aquire, then after a while it becomes very automatic.
Those playing ARK should think that the damn Beeverdams. :wink:

i do frequent sweeps of the pirate ship for chests and t4 thralls. i always e, space, e, to get every chest and over time, eventually every chest on the ship bugs out and starts coming up empty forever. only fix is a server restart.

Which most players don’t know because they’re used to not being able to destroy world structures. You can destroy these loot chests after looting and make sure they respawn 100%. :wink:
If the players don’t do that, most of the time only a server restart will help.



How do we destroy the NPC lootboxes on a PvE server?
I’ve read this many times and I’ve tried to damage them with a sword but after a couple of swipes I don’t get any indication that I’ve done them any damage so give up.
Am I meant to use a tool instead of a weapon?

I use a weapon to destroy the chests. It takes quite a few hits, about 8-15 or something. Sometimes they are hard to target, so just got to keep hitting them.

There is a bug where the chest doesn’t seem to get destroyed, or respawn. I always leave the lid open when I try and destroy the chest. If it’s bugged you will notice that the lid will disappear once its destroyed, but a closed chest is still there. Thats the bug, the chest really isn’t there. Just looks like it.

So far works every time. In most cases the chest disappears totally. At the galleon pirate ship though, it happens quite a lot that the chest remains. But as I said earlier. I destroy them with the lid open. Once I see the lid is gone, it means its been destroyed.

Try it out. Haven’t had any issues since I started doing it like that. Closing the lid and not destroying them has not worked for me. Only way is how I have described.


To give you an idea, using Glimmermoon (57 dmg) with the Spiked fitting (15% penetration) and 25 Strength, it takes me 5 light swings to break a looted chest. On my farming build (where I only have 10 Strength), it takes me 7 light attacks with the same weapon.

And yes, there is no visual indication it’s taking damage until it actually breaks. In the case of one with a visual glitch like @dakka mentions, watching for the open lid to disappear is your best indicator.

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